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While you are thinking about your chainsaw do you need a spare chain, chain oil, two stoke oil? Or perhaps you have been wanting to get some saftey equipment.

We can send you any chainsaw supplies you need back with your sharpened chDon't run out!ain. Just click through here to order what you want.

When Will I Get My Chains Back?

That will depend on when they arrive. Sharpening is done on Fridays and Mondays, and the chains are posted second class the same day, so they arrive back with you typically two days after that.

If you need to have your chainsaw ready to go at all times we recommend you get one or two spares, which we can supply, so you always have a sharp chain on hand.

HomeOrdering and Payment
Please complete the order form which you will find on the link in green below and choose your payment option. If paying by credit card or Paypal the link will take to the payment page. We do not sharpen SDS or masonary drill bits.

After selecting one of the options below you will be taken to the Paypal checkout page. To select additional option choose "Continue Shopping" on that checkout page.

One Chain Only                         £ 7.95 plus £1.55 p&p
Two or More Chains                  £ 7.50 each plus £2.70 p&p
Tungsten Carbide Chains         £15.00 each plus £3.20 p&p

Ten Twist Drill Bits Only           £ 7.95 plus £1.55 p&p

add cleaning per chain           £ 1.40
your chains are cleaned in a caustic sonic bath to remove all the grime, old oil and caked on sawdust extending their life and allowing them to peform better. This is per chain so only select the same quatity as the number of chains being sent of this option at the checkout.

add increase Postage Compensation from the standard £20 to £50 - £1.50
your chains are returned to you by Standard Royal Mail 2nd Class, which has £20 compensation. You can increase this to £50 at the cost of £1.50. This is per order so only select one of this option at the checkout.

Download the form

If paying by cheque include it with the chain made payable to R R Maynard.