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Twist Drill Bits
Special Offer
The Sharpening Company

We now sharpen a wide range of tools, knives and implements. You can see the full range through our suster web site www.thesharpeningcompany.com.
On-line Shop
We now can supply all your chainsaw supply needs, whether it be a spare chain, oil, or saftey equipment. We are main Oregon dealers and can supply everything from their extensive catalogue. Click on the logo to take you to our online shop.
Tungsten Carbide Tipped Chain Sharpening
Tungsten carbide chain needs a diamond grinding wheel to sharpen it. We have ordered a custom wheel to be able to do this and will be shortly offering this service through our sharpening service for professionals. Contact us for more details.
CBN Grinding
We now use CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheels for an extra sharp edge. Get that cutting "bite" from your sharpened chains.

Drill Bit Sharpening
We are able to sharpen you twist drill bits for £7.95. This apples to any metric or imperial bits up to 1/2". (We regret we do not sharpen SDS, masonary, or flat head drill bits)

A great opportunity to revive all those old bits you saved!