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Professional Chainsaw Sharpening Service

Why waste time trying to sharpen your chains by hand? Why waste money buying new chains when your old chain can be made as sharp as new?
Send your chains to be professionally sharpened.

£7.95 for one chain, £7.50 per chain for two or more.

You can make payment by cheque (made payable to RR Maynard), Credit Card, or PayPal
  • Your chain is fully inspected prior to sharpening
  • Expert operator will grind on a professional bench grinder and check each tooth individually
  • Depth Gauges (Rakers) checked and reduced as necessary
  • For a small additional charge chains are ultrasonically cleaned to remove grime, and old oil. Chains are then lightly oiled to protect from corrosion.
  • Optional £50 postage compensation available.
We sharpen 1/4", 3/8", 0.325" and 0.404" pitch chains.

Welcome To The Chainsaw Company

What our customers say...

"all items received back this morning. Thanks for your high quality and prompt service."

"thanks for the quick turnaround and professional job. My chainsaw cuts like a knife through butter now"

"chain received back safely duly sharpened. Very prompt !  Excellent, speedy, and reasonably-priced service.  Thank you very much. "